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Get up, get out and explore with MapGems!

MapGems is photo treasure hunt game – a unique way to search for objects such as murals, architecture and public art. Fill your virtual treasure chest with photos of objects created with MapGems. Earn coins for each photo gem you create. Earn additional coins when you find and ID objects captured by others.


Playing MapGems is easy and fun

If you can take a photo, you can play MapGems. Take a photo with the MapGems app, then add information and clues to help others find your photo. A great photo is of something that you believe other users will enjoy finding and ID scanning.

Ideas for photos include: architecture, landmarks, sculptures, murals and public art. But more unique objects such as signs, manhole covers, markers and utility boxes may also be fun for others find.

A photo should be made of permanent objects in a public location which is easily and safely accessible (both feet on the ground) and appropriate for users of all ages. Photos should not be of people, animals, food, pets, etc.


Hello See Monster

Exploring with MapGems is fun and easy. Simply select a photo using the explore feature or search results list, then locate and successfully scan the photo to earn coins. It is amazing the things that you will see when you take the time to look.

Can you see what I see?

Be a See monster.

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